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The Black Moon Podcast is an exploration and interrogation into Black death. This podcast aims to deepen our knowledge about the life stories of Black people who have passed away and situate their death in the societal context in which they died. The Black Moon Podcast is additionally here to interrogate the understanding of death in the western world and provide vital information that will hopefully help Black people be better prepared to engage with death. Lastly, this podcast is here to hold space for collective healing. Rather than experiencing the death of Black people through viral trauma-porn and hashtags centered around the last moments of life, BMP aims to remediate the harm being done to our psyches from watching Black people die. This podcast is written and produced by Gambian-American Poet Olka Baldeh.



The Black Moon Podcast has a No Merch Policy. In honor of Mother Earth and the impending death of our species, BMP makes the decision to not contribute to the creation of any new products. While there is the option of recyclable materials, the reality is that the creation, packaging, shipping, and distribution of ANY items will create new climate pollution that we simply cannot afford. The Black Moon Podcast encourages you to donate, share the podcast online, interrogate your waste practices, travel habits, and consumption patterns, and be a part of the solution to save our oceans, our animals, ourselves, AND mitigate suffering of Black and Brown peoples at the frontlines of environmental injustice.

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